The Decision To Change My Lifestyle

A couple of years ago I finally decided to quit smoking. I’d had enough of the physical, mental, and financial stresses that come with being a smoker.  And after thirty years, it was definitely time. Yeah, I knew I should have quit many years before, but it’s one of those things that you keep telling yourself you’re going to do and it just never seems to happen. But after finally making the decision to quit and coming up with a plan that worked for me, I was able to beat it.

quit smoking by bikingOne of the things I grabbed onto when I first quit smoking was riding a bike, something I had enjoyed doing for much of my childhood. Now I call it cycling. But back when I first started to quit, a three mile round trip to a local park and back was an adventure. And even that included a water break while resting on one of the park benches before turning around. I was far from being a cyclist.

Now, with the success of quitting smoking and a new interest in the sport of cycling, I find myself wanting to make more changes in my lifestyle. Changes that include how myself and my family eat, getting into better shape, learning to reduce stress, and just enjoying the outdoors.

Now it’s just about making the decisions.